All-On-4 Conversion/Implant Overdenture Procedure

All-On-4 Conversion/Implant Overdenture Procedure

Nash Dental Lab is your one-stop resource for all your implant case needs.  Our experienced technical team can assist with case planning and chair side conversions with the increasingly popular All-On-4, All-On-5 or All-On-X (any number of implants) cases.  From the denture conversion at the initial surgery we can help you restore the case with a wide range of definitive restorations including a hybrid denture, full arch Zirconia bridge or Prettau design bridge.


Nash Dental Lab will make an immediate denture prior to implants being placed.

The surgeon will remove any remaining teeth and adequate bone to achieve 15mm or more of interocclusal space. The surgeon will place four or more implants, and place multi-unit abutments to correct angulations to ensure the screws will exit the lingual of the anterior teeth and the occlusal of the posterior teeth.

If the implants demonstrate adequate initial stability, the immediate denture will be converted to a screw-retained temporary restoration. If stability is inadequate, the denture will be used as a typical immediate denture during implant healing.

Upon completion of the implant surgery, the implant technician from Nash Dental Lab will assist with the conversion procedure. The Nash Dental Lab technician will bring all necessary implant components and lab equipment to complete the conversion. The restoring dentist will need standard chair side tools and supplies to include reline and bite registration materials.


The restoring dentist will make a reline impression over the multi-unit closed tray impression copings in the previously made immediate denture or in the patient’s existing denture. The Nash Dental Lab implant technician will then convert this denture to a temporary screw-retained restoration using titanium temporary cylinders.

Typically, the Nash Dental Lab technician will shorten the new Temporary Screw-Retained Acrylic Bridge to end slightly distal to the most distal implants. This is done to eliminate any distal cantilever. The posterior teeth will be relieved until there is anterior occlusion only. If you prefer a different occlusal design, please let the technician know prior to the conversion.

The estimated time to complete the entire conversion procedure in the restoring dentist’s office is approximately two hours. The time allocation is as follows:

  • One half-hour for the restoring dentist to take the impression
  • One hour for the lab technician to complete the denture conversion
  • One-half hour to deliver the provisional screw-retained denture
Nash Conversion Process


Nash Dental Lab will store the abutment level model that was made during the conversion procedure. Call Nash Dental Lab with the final impression date and we will make a verification index and a custom tray using the stored model. We will deliver it to you prior to the impression appointment. This process saves time by eliminating an appointment for the initial impression.

The definative hybrid denture will be made using CAD/CAM as well as traditional lab procedures.

The typical appointments in your office for this procedure are as follows:

  • Final impression with custom tray and verification index
  • Centric relation record with easy to use snap together occlusal rim
  • Wax try-in with snap together rim
  • Wax try-in on CAD/CAM created titanium internal sub-structure
  • Final delivery

Time to complete the final restoration is approximately 4 weeks.

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