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All Zirconia Implant Solutions

The ZirNash™ implant crowns and bridges offer a fixed, all-Zirconia implant solution for patients that want a more long-lasting and aesthetic alternative to their full or partial denture cases. Fabricated from FDA cleared Zirconia, these restorations offer superior fracture toughness and flexural strength, making them an ideal choice for the patient wanting the ultimate in strength and aesthetics.

Now available for full-arch indications, ZirNash restorations are biocompatible and lifelike, exhibiting remarkable translucency and a vitality similar to natural dentition. The latest CAD/CAM technology is employed to achieve a precise and lifelike result. Strong, hygienic and affordably priced, the ZirNash implant crowns and bridges offer exceptional resistance to the chips, fractures, staining or odor which can be problematic with acrylic dentures. Contact us for more information.

Fixed Implant Prosthesis

Benefits of Fixed Implant Restorations

  • Natural vitality and function
  • Highly aesthetic
  • Hygienic
  • Versatile - Single unit to full-arch restorations
  • High strength
  • Fixed implant prosthesis for patient comfort and ease of use
  • Retrievable screw-retained implant prosthesis
  • More durable and aesthetic than the hybrid denture
  • Requires slightly less vertical space than a hybrid denture
Crown and Bridge Implants

CAD/CAM Technology used

NDL's team, led by Greg Nash, CDT, are leaders in implant and all-ceramic restorations. Our CAD/CAM experts and precision milling, led by Greg Everett,  provide predictable results and a variety of aesthetic options. This includes monolithic ZirNash crowns and our unique Noritake porcelain to Zirconia, which features a digital cutback and micro-layering option to enhance aesthetics.

With the introduction of the ZirNash implant restorations, the strength and aesthetics of monolithic zirconia is now available for full-arch applications.

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