Custom Mouth/Nightguards

Custom Mouth/Nightguards


  • Better fit than chairside mouthguards for better longevity and comfort
  • Heat processed for durability of hard and hard/soft nightguards
  • Retainers are less bulky
  • Mouthguard is clear for an almost invisible look
  • Can be worn throughout the day or night
  • Breathing abilities are unhindered

There are many reasons why a person would be prescribed a custom mouthguard. Two of the most common reasons are Bruxism and clenching. Fully one-third of the adult population in the United States grinds their teeth while they sleep! The use of a nightguard can prevent accelerated tooth wear, headaches, and TMJ pain. Another common indication for a flexible mouthguard is to prevent sports injuries, especially those that involve high impact games. At Nash Dental Lab we offer top quality, personalized mouthguards for optimized comfort and protection, . Each dental mouthguard is custom fit and is designed to last. Our Thermoform machine is equipped with the latest premium materials and technologies to create all types of mouthguards, sports guards, bite splints, and bleaching trays.

Custom Night Guard

Custom Nightguard

We offer custom nightguards to prevent the negative results of bruxism and clenching. They are durable and appropriate for anyone who clenches or grinds their teeth. Our most popular nightguard is the Ultraguard. This appliance comes with a hard, durable outer shell and a softer inner layer. Many patients find the Ultraguard to be more comfortable than a totally hard nightguard. Other options include a clear, hard splint, and also a soft flexible nightguard.

Custom Sports Mouthguard

Most sports related oral injuries can be prevented by using a dental sports mouthguard. These tough custom appliances can prevent tooth fractures, neurologic injuries, and other injuries. Our sports mouthguard is designed to protect the patient from these injuries occurring. We are also happy to fabricate the Sports Guard in your patient's school colors! Our custom Sports Guards are:

  • Tough 4mm thick
  • Customizable with team colors
  • Better fit and function than over-the-counter kits
Custom Sports Mouthguard

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