Diagnostic Wax ups

Diagnostic Wax Ups

Of the many services offered by Nash Dental Lab, our diagnostic wax-ups are one of the most important services routinely used to begin a comprehensive restorative or smile design case. Dr. Peter Dawson teaches us to “Do the case in wax, then plastic (provisional dental restoration), then ceramic to achieve a predictable outcome for the patient and clinician”. Our diagnostic wax-ups help eliminate the guesswork in exceeding your patient’s expectations. Our wax-ups are also routinely used in case presentations to increase patients’ case acceptance.

Diagnostic Wax-Upsin


Advantages of Wax Ups

  • Visualize the end result before starting the case (a Dr. Peter Dawson core principle)
  • Consistent, predetermined results
  • Excellent patient education/case acceptance tool
  • Fabrication of temporary crowns & bridges from the wax-up
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