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For over 30 years Greg Nash, CDT has built his lab’s reputation by delivering exceptional fit, form and function with his crown and bridge cases. The move to all ceramic materials has only allowed us to “raise the bar” for vitality in our crowns and bridges. Nash Dental Lab has been at the forefront of metal-less materials and techniques for crowns, bridges, onlays and veneers throughout its existence. Examples of this are that Greg has been offering porcelain veneers since the mid 1980’s and has recently been involved in beta testing of such new materials as Lave Esthetic Zirconia and composite materials.

Consider these indications for porcelain veneers. What restorations are the most conservative treatment for chipped, worn and broken teeth? The answer is onlays and veneers. What is the longest lasting restoration for treating the esthetic concerns in the anterior? Again the answer is veneers!

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Our Porcelain Veneers Deliver Cosmetic Dentistry Done Right

Our technical team has advanced training for fabricating porcelain veneers through Dr. Bill Dickerson’s Las Vegas Institute and other highly regarded training centers. With these elite credentials you might consider us a cosmetic dental lab or ceramic dental lab. Those descriptions do apply. But to us all dental restorations should look aesthetic and even vital when you are referring to cosmetic dentistry. So go ahead and flatter us with the title of ceramic dental lab or cosmetic dental lab. Our commitment to cosmetic dentistry is evident in each case.

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