Implant Restorations

nSequence Guided Prosthetics

nSequence - nSoCal

Nash Dental Lab is proud to be your Southern California partner for nSequence® Guided Prosthetics. What is nSequence Guided Prosthetics? It is the most accurate and efficient method for delivering All-On-X ultra predictable and esthetic cases to your patients! The unique nSequence case planning protocol, surgical guides, along with a provisional and wide range of definitive restorations will put your practice on the pinnacle of today’s technical advancements in this area.

Nash Dental Lab provides local resources for all of your needs to fully integrate the advantages of nSequence Guided Prosthetics into your practice. These include case development (“Fabulous 5” - patient diagnostic photographs, study casts with bite, CT scans, online prescription and Go To Meeting case planning support), chair side support including the restorative aspects of these cases as well as the fabrication of the definitive restorations. Doesn’t your practice deserve this level of personalized service?

Implant Restorations

Why nSequence Guided Prosthetics?

  • Save at least 1 hour of chair time on your All-On-X cases (time saving due to provisional “conversion time” being reduced to 30 minutes from 90 or more!)
  • Increased referrals from your restoring doctors (this is a restorative protocol for which they will rave!)
  • Incredibly accurate and efficient, fully-guided implant placement
  • All aspects of case are pre-planned resulting in…NO SUPRISES!

nSequence features a chair side “conversion” so straight forward, your assistant will be comfortable doing it!

nSequence Prosthetics