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For over 30 years Greg Nash has worked, many times, shoulder to shoulder with his dentist clients. From this he's learned the nuances of what he can do as a technician to maximize the quality of the restorations he produces and minimize dentists’ chair time at delivery appointments. Our clients tell us that they like using us because Greg does cases “right the first time”.

“Top dental lab” is the only way to describe Nash Dental Lab. Greg Nash earns this title for his namesake lab by having a small group of very talented technicians at the laboratory do all of our milling, ceramics and acrylic work (in fact we do a lot of milling of Zirconia and other dental lab services for other quality oriented US labs as well). Greg leads this technical Team. He does this in a very hands-on fashion from his technical bench, working on your cases. The only technical process we send out of the laboratory is chrome castings for partial dentures.

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If you're a dentist, find a top dental labs in the USA at Nash Dental Lab.

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There is no such thing as a perfect dental lab; and we may not be your nearest dental lab. But if you are looking for dental lab services from a top dental lab you need look no farther than Nash Dental Lab.

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Nash's highly-trained dental laboratory technicians deliver precision dental lab services. Dentists just like you have found what they are looking for in a dental laboratory. With Nash, your clients receive high-quality dental restorations the first time.

Receive precision dental laboratory services at Nash.
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