Screw-Retained Hybrid Implant Denture

Screw-Retained Hybrid Denture

Advantages Of Hybrid Dentures

  • Implant born fixed/removable restorations
  • Over 40 years of clinical success
  • Form and function restored from edentulous state
  • Versatile for bridge or full-arch applications
  • Completely stabilize full denture
  • Replaces both soft and hard tissues
Wax Try In

The hybrid implant overdenture was developed over 40 years ago by the Swedish physician and research professor Per-Ingvar Branemark to restore the quality of life for edentulous patients. Dr. Branemark changed dentistry through his work and today we reap the benefits! Although our technology has changed in producing the Hybrid Overdenture, the treatment is as relevant today as it was when it was first developed.

The Hybrid Bar Overdenture is retrievable by the clinician and can be used to restore both complete and partially edentulous patients. Factors to consider when treatment planning your case are the patients’ arch form, size of implants, number and location of implants, as well as the available vertical dimension. A wax setup try-in is always advised to establish a reference for designing the underlying bar support.

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