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Nash Dental Lab clients “stand out in a crowd™” by providing an exceptional service and experience for their patients. Many of these dentists have dedicated substantial amounts of time and money to continuing education by industry leaders such as Drs. Frank Spear, John Kois and Pete Dawson in their pursuit of excellence. We provide our clients and their clinical teams with the technical support required to exceed our common goal, that of thrilling patients with aesthetics and functionality.

Perfecting Technology & Technique

Nash Dental Lab’s five-star reputation has been built on delivering aesthetic and anatomically correct all-ceramics, PFMs and Full Gold Crowns that take minimal adjustment at the delivery appointment. The lab’s enviable past and bright future have been created by the 35+ years of commitment to excellence by Greg Nash, CDT. We are passionate about providing the best mix of restorative products for you to choose from for your treatment planning. We offer the latest options such as IPS e.max, a full range of Zirconia crowns and bridges, complete implant services for all systems, PEEK hypoallergenic and TCS flexible partials, as well as the IvoBase Denture Processing System.

At Delivery


History & Core Values

Over thirty-five years ago a highly-respected prosthodontist, Dr. Paul Richardson, recognized the potential of a young technician who was working in the dental laboratory at Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry. Dr. Richardson is a faculty member at the school where he guided this young man’s technical development. This youthful Sacramento, California native was Greg Nash.

When Dr. Richardson opened a private prosthodontic practice in Yucaipa, CA he continued to mentor Greg who had just opened Nash Dental Lab there. Greg often worked chair side with Dr. Richardson and gained a deep clinical understanding from the experience. This close relationship continued for several years until Greg moved his laboratory to Temecula in 1988.

“Technicians play a huge role in the day-to-day function of a busy restorative-oriented dental practice. This was obvious to me from the first day I started working as a dental technician at Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry. There’s a unique symbiotic relationship between the technician and doctor. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with many dentists that hone their skills every day to deliver the highest quality of care to their patients. I’ve built Nash Dental Lab on providing a unique, high level of service for these dedicated clinicians and their teams. My lab team and I take this responsibility very seriously and focus on developing our skills continually to support our clients.”

—Greg Nash, CDT


We know that there is nothing more important than a healthy, attractive smile to promote patients’ self-confidence and satisfaction. Providing this consistently in a professional manner brings our clients personal satisfaction and generates the new patient referrals that build their practices.

Beautiful and Technically Correct

Nash Dental Lab has the “feel” of a small personalized lab with the expertise of the best labs in the country! My practice for decades has been a blend of styles from The Pankey Institute, Dr. Peter Dawson, and Dr. Frank Spear’s teachings. Nash Dental Lab creates beautiful and technically correct results for me using their knowledge of these practical restorative principles.

Dr. Jonathan Goss

Dr. Jonathan Goss
Rockport, ME

Passion for the Highest Quality

I’ve built my practice on putting my patients’ needs first. That is why I’ve used Nash Dental Lab for many years. They have the same passion for the highest quality of patient care that I do and they are a pleasure to work with.

Dr. Dave Perry

Dr. Dave Perry
Temecula, CA​
Mentor, Kois Certer

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