Custom Nightguards

Custom Nightguard

One of the most recommended treatments for those who grind their teeth is a custom night guard. These form-fitting appliances help protect your teeth from damage caused by rubbing them against each other. They can also help position your jaw in a comfortable position and limit your ability to move your jaw around during sleep.

Doctor-ordered nightguards also takes your jaw position into consideration. Without adjusting the guard to fit your jaw alignment, you may just end up with more problems. Finally, custom-made, professional nightguards tend to last up to 10 years while store-bought, boil and bite guards last for a considerably shorter amount of time.

At Nash Dental Lab, we have several options for custom nightguards. Please contact us today to inquire about our selection!


The hard acrylic-like nightguard is small and low profile yet very durable. It is generally recommended for moderate to extreme grinders/clenchers or persons suffering from TMJ. Be aware that teeth may shift overtime.


The soft night guard tends to be the most comfortable. Even if the patient grinds their teeth with the guard on, there is no way their teeth will be damaged. The custom-made soft guards are designed to fit the exact structure of the teeth and are totally flexible. Compared to the hard and dual laminated guards, these tend to be more adaptable and easier to get used to.

Comfort Hard / Soft

This nightguard type is relatively new. It combines two layers of material (a soft inside and a hard-acrylic outside). This nightguard can handle heavy jaw clenching and teeth grinding. The soft plastic is comfortable against the teeth and the hard outside acts as a protective shell.


Another option is a one-piece nightguard made from Talon ® , a non-toxic, semi-hard thermoplastic that becomes flexible when submerged in warm water for 20 seconds. This flexibility provides ease of insertion and exceptional patient compliance and comfort. Once in the mouth, the nightguard hardens like acrylic but with none of the harsh chemicals or hardeners.


The NTI Tension Suppression System is a small plastic device that is originally designed to prevent headache and migraine caused by teeth grinding and clenching. The objective of the NTI is to relax the muscles involved in clenching and teeth grinding.

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