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Studies* show that patient satisfaction increases if the denture (especially the mandibular denture) is retained with an attachment as an implant overdenture. The current standard of care for a single tooth replacement has been accomplished with an implant crown.  It is quickly becoming the standard of care that a denture be secured with implants or with attachments on natural dentition so that there are no clasps showing. We are fortunate to have several well-developed and predictable attachment systems to choose from today.These include Zest’s popular Locator line, Sterngold’s ERA, and other attachments.

*Manal A. Awad, BDS, MSc, PhD; James P. Lund, BDS, MSc, PhD; Eric Dufresne, DDS, MSc, Jocelyne S. Feine, DDS, MSc, HDR

Comparing the efficacy of mandibular implant-retained overdentures among middle-aged edentulous patients:  Satisfaction and functional success.

The International Journal of Prosthodontics, Volume 16, Issue 2, 2003

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Nash Dental Lab supports all of your implant and attachment treatment plans with an experienced and qualified restorative team.  Just send mounted study models to our lab for a design estimate to get started on your implant overdenture in .

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